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How to Price Your Art

The value of art reaches beyond dollars and cents. Whether you’re a Sunday painter or a qualified fine artist with a living to make, you know that the feelings and meaning you put into your work are impossible to quantify.

It’s also tough to put a figure on the labor you put into each piece. If you’re a trained artist, you’ll likely spend fewer hours on a painting than someone who doesn’t have that professional workflow. On the other hand, you’ve invested enormous amounts of time and money to reach your level of expertise!

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The 36 Fundamentals of Email Etiquette

Communication is a major but underrated factor in most jobs. While face-to-face or phone interaction can seem intuitive, when it comes to sending a professional email, there is a whole new level of etiquette and technique of which you need to be sure.

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Introverts Guide to Job Interviews

Here’s an infographic I researched and wrote for CashNetUSA.


Introvert’s Guide To Job Interviews [Infographic] by the team at NeoMam

How to confront a difficult colleague

We spend so many hours each week, and so many years of our lives, working with colleagues old and new – it becomes a family of sorts. And like any family, simmering resentments, petty jealousies, or the taking of each other for granted, can sometimes more than counterbalance the feelings of support, love, and solidarity that make the experience so meaningful.

Just as allowing family differences to tear relationships apart usually ends up in regrets, allowing a problem colleague to carry on with their repellant behavior unquestioned helps no-one in the long-run.

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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence at Work

Figuring out your EQ – emotional intelligence – and how to develop it can be one of the best tools you can have when it comes to both your personal and professional life.

Emotional intelligence has always been a part of human existence, although it took until 1964 for Michael Beldoch to give it a name and it was not until 1995 that the idea was fully fleshed out by the legendary Daniel Goleman in his book, “Emotional Intelligence.”

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How To Win An Argument And Strengthen Your Career

Making progress in your career means finding a careful balance between personal drive and team spirit. On the one hand, you’re ambitious, full of ideas, and you want prove to the world that you deserve a shot at success.

On the other hand, nobody likes a show-off or a know-it-all – and nobody wants to work with someone who lacks any sense of humility. From a job interview scenario to an office confrontation, how can you make your point without seeming arrogant?

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16 Mindful Work Breaks (And When To Take Them)

Taking a break should not be about switching your mind off, but rather about changing gears. Your soul is a complex thing: it thrives from being fed as much as from being rested – that’s what a good night’s sleep (and the occasional power nap) are for!

Apply the same mindful approach to your breaks at work as you do to your weekends off, and you will soon witness a change in the way you feel and work.

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How To Help Women Reach The Top Of Academia

When Robin Sakamoto became dean of the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Tokyo’s Kyorin University in April 2014, she was only the second foreign woman to be awarded a deanship at a Japanese institution.


The value of role models such as Dean Sakamoto is not to be underrated. Surprisingly, only 15% of full professors in European institutions are women, against a female employment rate of 36% working in universities overall. This suggests that if there is already a shortfall of women in academia, much more encouragement is needed to help them rise to the top. And as Sakamoto points out, only by working closely side-by-side can male and female academics alike find a fulfilling balance between professional success and family life.

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How to stay productive when facing a deadline

Most of us work pretty hard to ensure an even schedule throughout the working week: five or more days of calm, measured – if industrious – productivity. Yet most people will also recognize the simple truth that, from time to time, work tends to get bunched up together. Whether it’s a fast-approaching deadline, a backlog of tasks, or an upturn in the market, everyone has to face up to striving onwards in the face of fatigue every once in a while.

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