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The 36 Fundamentals of Email Etiquette

Communication is a major but underrated factor in most jobs. While face-to-face or phone interaction can seem intuitive, when it comes to sending a professional email, there is a whole new level of etiquette and technique of which you need to be sure.

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How To Free Yourself From Your Smartphone These Holidays

Are modern life and the smartphone inseparable? We all have at least one stubborn, burner-wielding friend who would loudly object to such a hypothesis. But look around you on the train, in the workplace, even in your parents’ front room – and you’ll likely come to the conclusion that that Nokia-owning friend is the exception that proves the rule.

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The Potential Of Internet Of Things On Campus

[…] But what will be the impact on campus – that unique in-between place that’s not quite business, not quite municipality, and is home from home for so many?

Well, for those students who do make it their temporary home by living on campus, there is likely to be an improvement in services and systems to make their daily lives easier and create a more sophisticated environment in which to study. It might be as simple as students getting an automated text message when their laundry cycle finishes, or as complex as the use of pooled data from Fitbit devices to track traffic patterns and plan the positions of new buildings and facilities accordingly.

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The Role Of Adaptive Learning Technology In Higher Education Marketing

The higher education marketing landscape is changing rapidly. A fantastic opportunity exists for recruiters to connect with high school students via the digital media to which they are constantly connected, if only these universities can find the right media and the right tone.

The importance of a university’s website design in this respect cannot be understated. It needs to remain attractive, intuitive, and informative to a range of audiences, and increasingly in different formats (e.g. mobile friendly). Drawing potential students to this online hub in the first place can, however, require a little more imagination.

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Apple iCar Designs Capture Apple’s Journey From the 80s

Computing giants Apple are known for their iconic and forward-looking product design, so it was a big disappointment for motorists and dreamers alike when, late last year, the plug was pulled on their plans to develop an Apple car.

It’s a massive loss for those of us who fancy the latest Apple designs, but a great opportunity to imagine what might have been – so that’s just what the people over at Click Mechanic have done, creating five imaginary Apple car designs inspired by classic Mac hardware from the past thirty years. Think of it as the Batmobile meets desktop computing.

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