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Pioneer Dogs: The Inspiring Tales of 8 Top Dogs

Looking after your dog can be a heck of a lot of work – but of course it’s a deal that you’ll gladly accept. The average pooch more than repays his costs with love, companionship, and those inimitable moments of pure personality that seem conjured up from nowhere.

But some dogs go above and beyond the standard owner-pet contract, or even skip the owner part altogether, in the name of achieving rare excellence as a dog. These are the pioneer dogs, the hounds that went where no dog had gone before – in their behavior, in their loyalty, even into space!

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How To Free Yourself From Your Smartphone These Holidays

Are modern life and the smartphone inseparable? We all have at least one stubborn, burner-wielding friend who would loudly object to such a hypothesis. But look around you on the train, in the workplace, even in your parents’ front room – and you’ll likely come to the conclusion that that Nokia-owning friend is the exception that proves the rule.

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16 Mindful Work Breaks (And When To Take Them)

Taking a break should not be about switching your mind off, but rather about changing gears. Your soul is a complex thing: it thrives from being fed as much as from being rested – that’s what a good night’s sleep (and the occasional power nap) are for!

Apply the same mindful approach to your breaks at work as you do to your weekends off, and you will soon witness a change in the way you feel and work.

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Take Control Of Your Work Routine With Restful, Meaningful Breaks

Even the very best of professional coaches can occasionally be caught neglecting to take care of themselves. After spending so much time and energy on others, at the end of the day, it’s tough to find anything left for yourself. Just as you help clients work towards their goals and to be more mindful, you should remain aware that you can do a better job—and stay closer to your personal plan—if you remember to take care of yourself. One of the key ways of doing so, without compromising your productivity, is to take effective breaks from your work.

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How to live a happy life according to science

At this time of year, it is important to make sure you take steps to keep your mood buoyant. Regardless of your general attitude toward work, your body and brain have their own ways of responding to the cold and the dark. Thankfully, there are plenty of researchers who are keen to figure out ways we can counter this gloom.

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