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The Year In Review: What 2017 Tells Us About 2018

The past twelve months have been an exciting time for those who are invested in student mobility and international education.

While issues such as equality and educational technology have been pulled into sharp focus, the monitoring of ongoing trends such as the aging of the global population – longer life expectancy and fewer babies – has reinforced the need for educators to innovate and diversify as they move forward into 2018.

And it’s not just about shifting demographics: students are becoming more sophisticated in the way they make their choices. They’re aware of the brands, but want to know a lot more about the experience and career prospects of a university before they commit.

Institutions that are looking to develop in harmony with the underlying demographic trends will link the dots between equal opportunity, technological advances, and value for money as they establish their recruitment strategies for 2018 and the decade ahead.

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The Role Of Adaptive Learning Technology In Higher Education Marketing

The higher education marketing landscape is changing rapidly. A fantastic opportunity exists for recruiters to connect with high school students via the digital media to which they are constantly connected, if only these universities can find the right media and the right tone.

The importance of a university’s website design in this respect cannot be understated. It needs to remain attractive, intuitive, and informative to a range of audiences, and increasingly in different formats (e.g. mobile friendly). Drawing potential students to this online hub in the first place can, however, require a little more imagination.

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