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The 36 Fundamentals of Email Etiquette

Communication is a major but underrated factor in most jobs. While face-to-face or phone interaction can seem intuitive, when it comes to sending a professional email, there is a whole new level of etiquette and technique of which you need to be sure.

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How to confront a difficult colleague

We spend so many hours each week, and so many years of our lives, working with colleagues old and new – it becomes a family of sorts. And like any family, simmering resentments, petty jealousies, or the taking of each other for granted, can sometimes more than counterbalance the feelings of support, love, and solidarity that make the experience so meaningful.

Just as allowing family differences to tear relationships apart usually ends up in regrets, allowing a problem colleague to carry on with their repellant behavior unquestioned helps no-one in the long-run.

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16 Mindful Work Breaks (And When To Take Them)

Taking a break should not be about switching your mind off, but rather about changing gears. Your soul is a complex thing: it thrives from being fed as much as from being rested – that’s what a good night’s sleep (and the occasional power nap) are for!

Apply the same mindful approach to your breaks at work as you do to your weekends off, and you will soon witness a change in the way you feel and work.

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9 Surefire Ways to Make Your Customers Happy

There is an oft-told legend about how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos likes to make sure there is an empty chair at every company meeting: the chair represents the customers, so the most important ‘person’ is always ‘in the room.’ It’s the kind of visual stunt that sets apart great leaders from good ones, and also makes for a nice anecdote if you plan on being the sort of person that has biographies written about them!

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