I am a creative thinker, writer, and filmmaker. My writing identifies the narrative hidden within data, research, or everyday life, and relays it via concise, thought-provoking prose.


I’ve been working in content marketing and digital PR for over four years on a freelance basis. In that time I’ve researched and written a high number of articles and blog posts for a range of clients and readers, on subjects ranging from careers, office culture, and consumer issues to travel and food. My particular specialisms are in film, art, and post-secondary education.

I’ve also researched and written content for infographics, press releases, and profiles.

Clients value my skills in adapting my voice for various industries and contexts, working quickly to deadlines, and providing accurate, internet-ready prose.

I write regularly for content marketing agency NeoMam Studios, and as corporate writer for Keystone Academic Solutions.

I apply humour and original thought to every task I undertake. My goals are to inspire and to learn, to innovate and collaborate. I am lucky enough to be able to pursue these goals while drifting between the UK, the Balkans, and Oslo. Only the impoverished biscuit situation outside of the UK blights this otherwise privileged existence.


I studied with the world’s greatest living film directors during my MFA at Béla Tarr’s film.factory in Sarajevo, where I also had the honour of developing close friendships with the next generation of baffling art-house auteurs.

My BA (Hons) is from Liverpool John Moores University, from where I graduated in 2001. Previously to that, I studied at Wallington County Grammar School and Brooklands College in Weybridge.

I have written and directed a number of films and videos and led on art projects funded by the Film Council and Arts Council England. I also write fiction, lead filmmaking workshops, and offer development support to artists in film and moving image.

My time is evenly shared between these artistic pursuits and freelance writing.

Let’s work together! You can contact me here or find me on LinkedIn.