I am a creative thinker, writer and filmmaker. My writing identifies the narrative hidden within data, research or everyday life, and relays it via concise, thought-provoking prose.

I studied with the world’s greatest living directors during my MFA at Béla Tarr’s film.factory in Sarajevo, where I also had the honour of developing close friendships with the next generation of baffling art-house auteurs.

I apply humour and original thought to every task I undertake. My goals are to inspire and to learn, to innovate and collaborate. I am lucky enough to be able to pursue these goals while drifting between the UK, the Balkans, and Oslo. Only the impoverished biscuit situation outside of the UK blights this otherwise privileged existence.

I own a tie for every occasion and several ties for which the appropriate occasion has not yet been dreamt up by humankind.