Canine start-up launches co-working space for dogs

A New York company famous for its dog treat subscription package is to open a members-only dog park in Nashville, Tennessee. For $19/day, a dog and up to two human guests can attend the space, run freely off the lead, and use amenities such as toys and exercise equipment.

BarkPark is the latest innovation from Bark & Co., a $77m (£61m) start-up that appears to be run by humans. The company also has a blog (BarkPost) and online shop (BarkShop), but finally they’ve decided to put their coats on and go outside.

A meeting place for olfactory nomads

You’ve heard of co-working spaces for digital nomads, the laptop-clutching freelancers who drift from library to café as they work on the go. Experts say they thrive when given the chance to work alongside likeminded spirits.

Barkpark promises the convenience and community of a human co-working space, transferred to the canine realm. Like you, your dog has a lot of important work to do in the day, such as sniffing, playing, and cocking his leg. But all too often, the places that they find to go exploring are restricted by anti-dog bylaws, poorly-fenced boundaries, or an emphasis on human culture over dog culture.

“I was out with friends, we’re drinking wine, it’s a really cool restaurant … it was like a poster for people having a good time in the city,” Bark co-founder Henrik Werdelin wrote on Bark’s website. “But my dog Molly was left out. And I realized: she deserves a space like this. We should be here together.”

A crèche for owners

There will still be plenty to keep human guests occupied while canine members go about their dogly duties on the ‘expansive, manicured off-leash lawn.’ Wi-fi, coffee, and dog experts will be available, while music events, beer tastings and movies will happen weekly.

“On Day 1, all I knew was that we’re making the world’s best ‘third space’ for dogs and their people – and pretty much nothing else,” continues Werdelin. “BarkPark is our dream of a real-world, dog-obsessed place for humans and dogs to enjoy together.”

In a time of massive social upheaval, Bark & Co. – whose website is available in both human English and dog language – are providing an opportunity for community and play as we all continue our hard work sniffing, exploring, and digging towards a better future.

Written by G. John Cole. Originally published on

Canine start-up launches co-working space for dogs

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