Bradley Cooper’s labradoodle tipped to break the Oscar’s ‘fur ceiling’

Charlie Cooper, the labradoodle who lives with actor Bradley Cooper, has been tipped for a 2019 Best Supporting Actor Oscar amidst wide-spread public acclaim. He would be the first dog to win an Academy Award.

The dog has received great write-ups for his role in roommate Bradley’s new film, A Star Is Born. The human actor-director reputedly cast Charlie alongside himself to capitalize on their unique chemistry, as well as Charlie’s acting skills. Lady Gaga also stars; all in all, there’s not much room left on screen for charisma-vacuum Bradley.

Award-winning dogs of showbiz

There’s no biscuits like showbiscuits, or so they say – but an award would be a definite boost for young Charlie. He’s already been pushed out of the limelight to watch Cooper Snr. collect a Compassion in Film Award, newly minted by PETA, for the director’s decision to cast his own dog in the movie.

No dog has ever won an Oscar, despite calls for a posthumous statuette for silent-era pup-star Rin Tin Tin. The jazz-age German Shepherd actually received the most Best Actor votes ahead of the 1929 awards – but was cruelly snubbed by the Academy in an act of interspecies discrimination.

Dogs of art-house cinema celebrated

Canine talent has fared better at Cannes. The Palm Dog award – modelled after Cannes’ Palme D’Or for best movie – has been presented by international film critics every year since 2001. It has even been won by an electronically-generated dog (Up, 2009) and, on more than one occasion, by an ensemble dog cast.

But even as other marginalized groups break down barriers in America’s biggest movie award ceremony, the ‘fur ceiling’ remains in place for dogs. Despite his popular appeal, it seems unlikely Charlie will be considered eligible by the academy.

The best thing that could happen now would be for actor Sam Elliot, Charlie’s co-star and rival for the Best Supporting Actor Statue, were to speak up on behalf of the canine actors of Hollywood.

Written by G. John Cole. Originally published on

Bradley Cooper’s labradoodle tipped to break the Oscar’s ‘fur ceiling’

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