Life Inside 7 Ancient Ruins

When you’re a kid, history lessons often mean learning an uninspiring series of dates and events. It’s only when you get outside for the occasional field trip that the past comes to life. As grown-ups, most people don’t need to bother with the dry old facts. Instead, a good, warts-and-all history book and the freedom to visit astonishing places from our past add layers to our experience of the world around us. It can be dizzying to imagine human life taking place along the same paths you now tread, hundreds or thousands of years ago!

But sometimes you need a bit of help to flesh out the bare bones of a historical ruin. With that in mind, this series of revealing images has been created to visualize how some famous historical sites may have looked in their full glory.

Which will you visit first?

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Life Inside 7 Ancient Ruins

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