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I’m a digital nomad and freelance writer, working mostly in London, Manchester, Oslo and Sarajevo. My background is in creative writing and filmmaking, and I’ve enjoyed applying my narrative skills to a host of more specific copywriting, content marketing, and digital PR projects. I’ve written professionally on film, travel, leadership, digital media, education, and a number of other subjects. You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Want to work with me? I’m always interested in new opportunities, from writing one-off pieces to creating ongoing, quality copy and content for your clients or website. Send me a message.

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12 Desk Hacks To Make You More Productive At Work

Whether you work from your home or a busy office, your desk and everything around it should be carefully arranged to make you feel as creative, energized and stress-free as possible.

You see, when you treat your desk as an obligatory layover between your breakfast counter and an evening on the couch, you fill it with things that eventually pile up. As a result, you don’t get much done.

Show that desk a little love and it’ll show a lot of love back. With these desk hacks, your workstation will be able to provide you with a calm and inspiring environment that can improve your productivity as well as the general quality of your day.

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How to face up to conflict at work

What’s worse that conflict in the workplace? Unresolved conflict. Bottling up the feelings you get from workplace injustice, incompetence, or disrespect can lead to stress, health problems, and reduced productivity – not to mention the ongoing professional damage being done by whatever the contentious issue is.

On the other hand, confronting the person with whom you have a problem can lead to creative outcomes, and inspire those around you to take care more care of your office culture, too.

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Everything Changes—How to Cope when life Throws Us for a Loop

If you’ve ever watched a tree swaying in the breeze, you’ll have been impressed by the way it stretches and adjusts to the changing conditions.

It takes a pretty strong wind to blow down a tree. As a living, growing entity, it has evolved to cope with short and long-term pressures. Sure, the wind doesn’t just bounce off it as it breezes over a rock—but neither does a rock have the ability to grow.

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10 Cities Around the World Captured “in a Split Second”

Witnessing the diverse life of a bustling metropolis can be a truly inspiring pastime. The most interesting spots, however, are those through which the full spectrum of the city’s inhabitants might pass in just a few moments. Sometimes you can learn more about a place by standing still for a while than by hurrying from sight to sight—it’s that unique blend of a city’s life that gives it a particular fingerprint beyond the superficial image of its skyline, local landmark, or famous delicacy.

Inspired by the concept, the crew at Big Domain decided to create a series of city postcards that truly reflect ‘a slice of life’ in ten of our most celebrated cities, using multiple exposure photography to express each location’s variety in a single snapshot.

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7 Black History Month Films for International Students

[…] The Afrofuturist history of Black Panther’s fictitious Wakanda may be a science-fiction fantasy, but the themes and stories that originate there offer an accessible path into the struggle, triumphs, and hopes of people of color in the 21st century. Here’s a movie a day to check out for the remainder of Black History Month 2018 for those who’d like to delve a little deeper!

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How to Price Your Art

The value of art reaches beyond dollars and cents. Whether you’re a Sunday painter or a qualified fine artist with a living to make, you know that the feelings and meaning you put into your work are impossible to quantify.

It’s also tough to put a figure on the labor you put into each piece. If you’re a trained artist, you’ll likely spend fewer hours on a painting than someone who doesn’t have that professional workflow. On the other hand, you’ve invested enormous amounts of time and money to reach your level of expertise!

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Top Reasons to Study an MBA in Shanghai

China is constantly in the news, especially when comes to developments in business. The ‘sleeping giant’ is awakening to unprecedented economic growth and opening the door to innovative new enterprises. So how about studying there – more specifically, in China’s biggest and richest city?

Shanghai is China’s economic hub. Positioned on the country’s central coast, the city generates a quarter of China’s import and export value and 12.5% of the nation’s total revenue. While Mandarin and English will serve you well, exposure to the Shanghai dialect provides a competitive edge at the heart of China’s business culture. A cast of 23 million inhabitants will welcome you to this thriving metropolis, a city with its foundations in trade and shipping and its eye on industrial and social transformation.

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The Year In Review: What 2017 Tells Us About 2018

The past twelve months have been an exciting time for those who are invested in student mobility and international education.

While issues such as equality and educational technology have been pulled into sharp focus, the monitoring of ongoing trends such as the aging of the global population – longer life expectancy and fewer babies – has reinforced the need for educators to innovate and diversify as they move forward into 2018.

And it’s not just about shifting demographics: students are becoming more sophisticated in the way they make their choices. They’re aware of the brands, but want to know a lot more about the experience and career prospects of a university before they commit.

Institutions that are looking to develop in harmony with the underlying demographic trends will link the dots between equal opportunity, technological advances, and value for money as they establish their recruitment strategies for 2018 and the decade ahead.

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The 36 Fundamentals of Email Etiquette

Communication is a major but underrated factor in most jobs. While face-to-face or phone interaction can seem intuitive, when it comes to sending a professional email, there is a whole new level of etiquette and technique of which you need to be sure.

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